Cosmetic Industry Labels

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Cosmetic labels are not just sources of information, but an essential part of brand identity and product presentation. With the right design, you can arouse the interest of your customers and significantly increase the recognition of your brand.

At the same time, cosmetic labels must of course also meet all of the customer’s functional requirements. This includes the clearly legible presentation of ingredients and instructions for use or any expiry dates and warnings.

Our customised cosmetic labels provide a comprehensive solution that meets regulatory requirements while being aesthetically pleasing. From ingredient lists to usage instructions, our labels serve as a trusted source of information for consumers and add a professional touch to your products.

Design options

Our wide selection of cosmetic labels includes various sizes, shapes and materials specifically tailored to the needs of the cosmetic industry. We understand that the aesthetics and quality of your labels are essential to differentiate your products from the competition. That’s why we offer a variety of finishing options to ensure your labels best represent your brand. Examples include metallic effects using embossing and various special colours.

In order to optimally communicate the message of your brand identity, our labels can be individually adapted to your ideas. From luxurious textures to glossy finishes, we offer numerous options to ensure your labels reflect the character of your products.

Cosmetic labels from Wolfgang Fels GmbH

Our range of high-quality label materials and printing techniques enable you to increase the visual appeal of your cosmetic packaging. We understand the importance that meaningful design has for your brand and offer tailored solutions that reflect both your brand identity and legal requirements.

Our expertise in cosmetic labelling allows us to take individual needs into account and design labels that meet the highest quality standards. We support you in strengthening your brand through attractive and informative labels and promoting customer loyalty.

Find out more about how our cosmetic labels can make your products stand out and how we can help you present your brand in the best possible way. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and discover tailored label solutions.

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