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Logistics Labels at Wolfgang Fels GmbH

When it comes to logistics labels, it is important to ensure the highest level of reliability and traceability throughout the entire process chain in the areas of warehousing and goods transport. They ensure that goods can be identified, labelled and assigned quickly and efficiently. The labels should be tailored specifically to the external conditions expected in the supply and storage chain.

Types of labels in logistics

The type and amount of information stored in a label depends largely on the label type selected. Depending on the requirements, data such as item name/number, weight, best-before date or barcodes must be accommodated. The types of labels used range from simple blank labels, barcode and QR code labels to labels with RFID chips.

The majority of all logistics labels are blank labels with thermosensitive papers, on which the logistics service provider prints the necessary information themselves using a thermal (transfer) printer.

In addition, barcode labels are often used to identify products and track orders. These are marked with the EAN-UPC-128 (better known as the NVE label). As a specialized label printing company, we can achieve significantly higher printing speeds and at the same time guarantee the decodability of the printed barcode, which is not always possible on your own.

QR code labels offer a flexible way to accommodate additional information or instructions by scanning the code using a smartphone.

Finally, RFID labels even offer the possibility of tracking goods in real time and thus obtaining a quick overview of the location and inventory. Which type of label you should use depends primarily on your requirements and processes.

Why logistics labels from us?

Clear and precise labelling is the key to a smooth logistics process. Labels from Wolfgang Fels GmbH ensure optimal identification of goods, which saves time and money.

Our logistics labels offer:

  • Reliability: Robust materials for durability and readability.
  • Versatility: Customisable designs for any application.
  • Efficiency: Optimise your operations with clear labelling.

Our services:

  • Advice: We support you in choosing the right labels.
  • Customisation: Custom designs according to your requirements.
  • Quality: High-quality logistics labels for maximum efficiency.

Improve your logistics with our high-quality labels. Contact us now for customised solutions that exceed your requirements. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

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