Blank labels

Welcome to the world of blank labels – the ideal solution for versatile labeling needs! Blank labels offer almost limitless flexibility to individually label a wide range of products. Blank yet ready to accommodate your creative ideas, barcodes or graphics. These labels are essential for both businesses, offices and personal use.

Variety is the key: Our selection of formats, sizes and materials makes it possible to find the right label for every application. Whether special adhesive properties, robust materials for extreme environmental conditions or adaptation to special requirements – we offer a wide range of options. Specialized outdoor labels are available for outdoor use, while heat-resistant labels can meet the challenges of demanding locations.

Blank labels for on-site printing

Print your designs onto the blank labels effortlessly and quickly with a commercially available printer – be it by using thermal transfer foils or temperature-dependent printing. We carry a selection of material types that are suitable for these different printing techniques. The use of blank labels not only offers the freedom of individual design, but also saves considerable costs compared to labels with pre-printed content.


As standard, blank labels are made from machine-coated adhesive paper or white writing paper. However, it is also possible to use PE film or PP film. It can be printed using the indirect printing process using thermal transfer foil.

For the direct thermal printing process, the materials are mainly divided into two groups. Thermo Eco reacts even at low temperatures and turns black. It can be printed particularly quickly, but is sensitive and its lifespan is correspondingly limited. Thermo Top, on the other hand, is much more robust and durable because it only reacts at higher temperatures.

In our extensive range you will find the right blank labels for your requirements. We offer a wide range of labels in different formats and quantities – from small to very large quantities for industrial applications. Trust us as your partner for blank labels and discover the possibilities that our products have in store for you.

With our wide range and expertise, we are your first port of call for high-quality, unprinted labels for various applications. Please feel free to contact us and let us advise you.

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