Fanfold labels

Fanfold labels at Wolfgang Fels GmbH

Unprinted fanfold labels in logistics

Discover the unbeatable combination of efficiency and functionality with our unprinted fanfold labels – the optimal solution for the logistics industry. This type of adhesive label is impressive due to its easy handling and clear stackability.

The fanfold labels are placed by machine in a so-called “leporello fold”. The material web of the adhesive labels is folded in a zigzag manner in alternating directions. Accordingly, the terms “zigzag fold” or “Z-fold” are synonyms for the fan fold. By the way, the name goes back to Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni’s servant Leporello creates a complete list of his master’s lovers, which he has to fold in a zigzag manner because of its length.

Why choose fanfold labels?

Our unprinted fan folded labels are specially developed to ensure maximum efficiency in logistics. Their clear structure and the ability to fold them into a compact stack make them easy to handle. This makes them ideal for use by shipping service providers and in other logistical processes. There, printing machines specialising in fan folded labels can process them efficiently directly on site.

Of course, we can also produce printed fanfold labels for you upon request. We can print these in multiple colours according to your specifications and ideas. Please send us your requirements and we will discuss the technical options together.

The advantages at a glance

  • Space saving:
    They fold easily into a handy stack, saving space in storage and shipping.
  • Efficiency in logistics:
    Thanks to their clear structure and easy handling, our fanfold labels are perfectly tailored to the requirements of logistics.
  • Cross-industry applicability:
    Ideal for use by shipping service providers, freight forwarders and all logistical processes.
  • Robust materials:
    High-quality materials ensure long durability and problem-free use.

Rely on our expertise and optimise your logistical processes with our unprinted fanfold labels. Contact us now for an individual offer and increase the efficiency of your shipping management! Our dedicated team is at your side right from the start.

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