Sheet Adhesive Labels

In contrast to roll adhesive labels, sheet adhesive labels are arranged on individual sheets and usually have adhesive on the back. Depending on the area of application and the customer’s dispensing processes, they are used in numerous industries.

Self-adhesive sheet labels can be easily printed with conventional printers using the standard paper feed. Since they are arranged on a sheet, the shape and size of the labels can be designed very flexibly. Their biggest advantage is the ability to adapt to the specific requirements of the customer depending on the shape and size of the product to be glued.

Sheet adhesive labels are often used for product labeling and identification, especially in the cosmetics and food industries. But they are also often used in logistics to inventory goods.

The benefits of self-adhesive sheet labels also extend to their ease of use. The clever arrangement on a sheet not only makes production in larger quantities efficient, but also makes storage child’s play, which ultimately saves time and money. Applying it to the desired product is also quick and easy, which ensures quick and smooth integration.

Self-adhesive sheet labels from Wolfgang Fels GmbH

Thanks to the latest technology, we enable you to use the advantages of roll labels for your sheet labels. We produce your labels on rolls and cut them into sheets exactly according to your needs. This innovative production method often offers cost-effective advantages compared to pure sheet production – a comparison that is definitely worth it.

Especially in the DIN A4 area, you have the opportunity to create tailor-made label formats, independent of standard sheet labels. We not only supply you with tailor-made sheet labels as blank labels, but also printed with your unique company design. Leave the preparatory work to us so that you can concentrate on what’s important.

In addition to a wide selection of standard materials for sheet labels, we also offer special papers that are ideal for inkjet and laser printers. We would be happy to provide you with samples so that you can test them in your company. We look forward to providing you with innovative solutions for your individual labelling needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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